In Newt Gingrich on November 28, 2011 by Iowans for Christian Leaders in Government

Dear Mr. Vander Plaats:

We are aware that you are preparing to endorse a candidate for President of the United States in the coming weeks.  This will undoubtedly be an important decision considering you have the ear of many Christians throughout our state of Iowa.  Our group believes that we must select leaders who not only espouse our values, but who live them each and every day.

With that being said, we have serious concerns that your endorsement may be guided, not by prayer and conviction, but by personal benefit and prior relationships.  Of which, would seem to lead you toward Newt Gingrich and, needless to say, he is not an acceptable choice among Christians.

These concerns of an imminent Newt Gingrich endorsement stem from the following:

1. Your prior connection to Mr. Gingrich via Congressman Jim Nussle.

2. Your ill-advised track record as it pertains to supporting candidates that lack common moral fiber.

3. Your acceptance of $200,000 which Mr. Gingrich secured for your organizations.


In 2006, Mr. Nussle ran for Governor and asked that you serve as his running mate; an offer your willfully accepted.

In the nineties, Mr. Nussle’s current wife was working for Mr. Gingrich; while Mr. Gingrich’s current wife was working for a committee which Mr. Nussle served on in the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, both men were married when they began affairs with each other’s staff members – all while Mr. Gingrich was leading the investigation into Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky.  This is an unfortunate irony.

More importantly, it points to a willful disregard of personal behavior and you are forever linked to both of these candidates in a way that is unacceptable for many of us who demand Christian leadership.

Which brings us to our next concern.


As previously mentioned, you joined Mr. Nussle’s gubernatorial ticket in 2006.

During that cycle, you travelled to every corner of Iowa trumpeting Mr. Nussle’s character and his ability to represent the values of Iowans. You did this all the while you knew he betrayed the bond he made to God upon proclaiming his vows to his first wife.

We do not blame you for Mr. Nussle’s indiscretion; however, we do worry that if you went as far as to vigorously campaign for and place your name beside his on the ballot that an endorsement of Mr. Gingrich would not be out of the realm of possibility.

With that said, we fully recognize that you do deserve some credit.  Iowa voting records have since shown that you did not vote for Mr. Nussle or in the 2006 election – an indication that even you did not truly believe his values were adequate for higher office.


In 2010, Mr. Gingrich helped you secure $200,000 in seed money for one of your efforts.

This is a great deal of money, but we trust that this will not have an impact on your decision as an endorsement which will represent our Christian values.

We do believe hope still resides that you may reconsider your endorsement.  You lead an organization that encompasses an affiliate group called “Marriage Matters” and not only did Mr. Gingrich fail to sign your Marriage Vow, he failed to live his life in accordance with the values we hold so dear.

It is by now public knowledge that Mr. Gingrich has been unfaithful to two of his previous spouses, even delivering divorce papers to one as she lay in the hospital from a condition surrounding her cancer.  We pray that marriage truly does matter as much as you represent, and not as little as it has meant to the candidates you have supported in the past.

Mr. Vander Plaats, all of our concerns derive from a larger one that your endorsement may be for sale, either for money or for status.  Please don’t sell Iowa’s values to the highest bidder.  These 30 pieces of silver are simply not worth the weight your conscience will bear as you consider misleading thousands of Christian voters in Iowa into believe Mr. Gingrich represents their values.

If you take nothing else from our letter please remember that “whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household, but he who hates bribes will live” (Proverbs 15:27).

May your decision be guided by the Lord,

Iowans for Christian Leaders in Government



  1. If the Family Leader endorses the Family Leaver, the organization will become a laughingstock in the mainstream media, and perhaps rightly so.

  2. Newt Gingrich has a long history of failures and broken promises. In the Reagan Congress, Gingrich tripled the U.S. debt and began raiding Social Security in order to cover up the trade deficits and mounting U.S. debt.

    We can thank Gingrich for America’s idiotic policies of free trade agreements that were honored by America but not by the other countries, so that we lost millions of jobs, had ever-widening trade deficits, added to our crippling debt, and gave us the world image of being stupid pushovers. Not to be one to learn from past mistakes, Gingrich said recently that he’d sign free trade agreements with any of the newly formed governments in the Middle East.

    It was Gingrich who pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants in the mid-1980s. He promised that amnesty would not encourage other folks to bypass immigration laws and enter America illegally. He promised that immigration laws would be enforced. And he promised that our borders would be secured. Gingrich broke all of those promises.

    Listen to how Gingrich brags about creating a surplus when he was Speaker of the House during the Clinton Congress—when in reality they fudged the numbers (i.e., excluded obligations) in order to show a surplus (cf. Peter Peterson’s RUNNING ON EMPTY). That fake surplus is why then-U.S. Comptroller General David Walker refused to certify the budget starting in about 1997.

    As for Gingrich’s recent comments on Iran during the CNN debate on foreign policy, Gingrich was either posturing or he hasn’t gotten the memo from Russia, Iran’s ally–which sells Iran gasoline, natural gas and other petrochemical products. Russia would never allow the U.S. to cut off the gasoline that Russia sells to Iran. And Russia (which is a relatively new ally of China since they ironed out their disagreements over Mongolia) has said that, if America attacks Iran, then Russia will do the same to America.

    And let’s not forget that the “new and improved” Gingrich has been selling his influence to the U.S. government’s largest corporate welfare recipients: the healthcare and insurance industries.

    While Gingrich collected $37 million from the healthcare and insurance industries, he has pushed for hard-working Americans who make >$50,000 to be forced to buy health insurance policies or post bonds.

    Gingrich may seem like a good debater–but only if you know little about his history, our history, foreign policy and his record “accomplishments.”

  3. […] Indeed, amid rumors the ad hoc conservative coalition is considering endorsing Gingrich, Iowans for Christian Leaders in Government, a mysterious group that has been distributing fliers reminding voters of the former lawmaker’s failed marriages, sent a letter to The Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats saying a Gingrich endorsement would be “not acceptable” to Christians. […]

  4. As an Iowan from birth and in spirit, a Christian who gave his life to Jesus Christ at age 16 in Pocahontas in 1943, and a constant believer and server of Christ’s message throughout the world for the past 50 years I urge my fellow Christians, by any organization name, to consider the Paramount goal for 2012; to support a candidate who can WIN..Take all the bad points of Gingrich and your problems with some religious views (Romney has given his life to Jesus) and place them on a list comparing the assaults to date on Christianity by our President and the Democratic Party and THINK about what another four years of ‘class warfare’ , divisiveness, and indifference could mean to our Faith.

  5. […] for Christian Leadership in Government, whose leadership and membership are unknown, dispatched a letter recently to Mr. Vander Plaats warning him against embracing Mr. […]

  6. […] for Christian Leadership in Government, whose leadership and membership are unknown, dispatched a letter recently to Mr. Vander Plaats warning him against embracing Mr. […]

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